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Outfitter: Jim & Dusty Schell
Outfitter License #: BG-207
Permitted By: Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest, BLM lands & State lands

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RCO offers top quality, private ranch hunting opportunities for awesome bull elk! We hunt GENERAL PERMIT as well as LIMITED QUOTA elk areas, archery or rifle! Our hunters enjoy exclusive access to over 200,000 acres of well managed private ranch lands, excellent guides, comfortable accommodations, personalized service, and highly successful hunts, year after year! Not all outfitters are created equal, neither are the elk hunts they produce! With your hopes and dreams, hard-earned money, valuable time and preference points on the line....... choose wisely! For a memorable experience, join the Rough Country Team for your next Wyoming elk hunt!

Your Hosts,

Jim, Deb & Dusty Schell


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Rough Country Outfitters General Permit Lodge Elk Hunt

Rough Country Outfitters General Permit Hunt Photo

General Permit, Private Land, Lodge Hunt

Our General Permit, Lodge based elk hunts are conducted on several exclusive private ranch leases in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains of South Central Wyoming! For many years, we have strictly limited our hunters, taking only good, mature bulls! RCO has maintained shooting opportunity rates of over 90 percent, with actual harvest success rates averaging 75 to 85% for over 25 years! Due to numerous back-roads and jeep trails on our private ranch lands, we can access the majority of the back-country with 4x4 vehicles, rather than horses, generally making this a relatively easier style of elk hunt! With gentler terrain, this is an excellent elk hunt suitable for almost any hunter! Our rustic lodge is a beautiful, well appointed, 5000 sq. foot, hand-hewn custom log building, with all the modern conveniences of home! General Permit elk licenses are readily drawn with only a couple of preference points, so there is no need to wait any longer for a great elk hunt in Wyoming! For the traditional meat hunter, we also offer fun and highly successful cow elk hunts!

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Rough Country Outfitters general permit deluxe camp hunt

Rough Country Outfitters general permit hunt photo

General Permit, Private Land, Deluxe Camp Hunt

Our General Permit, Deluxe Camp Elk Hunts are conducted on a large, exclusive private ranch lease in the timbered foothills of the Snowy Range Mountains of South Central Wyoming! Our drive-in hunting camp includes a comfortable, modern cook and dining cabin, cozy, well equipped two man bunk-houses, shower facilities and clean porta-johns. RCO’s hunters always enjoy excellent all-you-can-eat, home-style meals, prepared and served by our full time, professional cooks and camp staff! While our hunters success rates on trophy bulls is excellent, the steeper, rougher terrain requires a higher level of physical fitness. This is an awesome high country elk hunt, suitable for the aggressive, physically fit hunter! A classic back-country camp, combined with high success on great bulls, equals many happy hunters! General Elk Licenses are readily drawn with only a couple of preference points, so why wait any longer, book your next Wyoming elk hunt with confidence, now!

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Rough Country Outfitters Limited Entry Hunt

Limited Entry, Private Land Hunt

Our Limited Entry, “Area 7”, Elk Hunt takes place on a large private ranch, located in the remote, high-country of the Laramie Range Mountains of Central Wyoming. This is an exclusive private land hunt, limited to only eight lucky hunters per year! The rugged terrain of the ranch provides superb habitat and a safe haven to many trophy bulls! Again, we can access the majority of the country by 4x4 vehicles, then spot-and-stalk from there, making it possible to cover many miles of rough country each day, in search of the bull elk of your dreams! This amazing area has produced numerous mature bulls, typically scoring from 325” to 345” B&C, and our hunter’s success rates have averaged over 90%, for the past 10 years! Whether you are a Rifle or Bow-Hunter, this is an exceptional opportunity for the serious hunter looking for a truly memorable hunt, with a legitimate chance to harvest a giant, free ranging trophy bull elk in Wyoming! Many of the top limited entry elk areas in Wyoming require from eight to ten preference points to consistently draw a license, so use your preference points wisely! It’s never too early or too late to start planning your ultimate elk hunt! Give us a call, we would be happy to help you plan and manage your preference points for future hunts in Big Wyoming!

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Rough Country Outfitters Limited Entry Elk Hunt

General and Limited Entry, Archery Hunts

We not only welcome, we encourage bow-hunters! Unlike many outfits, archery hunting isn’t a sideline hobby for us. Rough Country Outfitters has been catering to bow-hunters for over 35 years! We are Wyoming’s true bow hunting professionals, specializing in exciting archery hunts for bugling bull elk! As veteran bow hunters ourselves, we have the experience and know-how needed for those close range stalks, productive stands and effective calling techniques necessary for a successful archery elk hunt! We have knowledgeable, experienced guides who understand bow-hunting and work hard for our bow-hunter’s benefit! Over the years, our archery elk hunts have produced over 85% shooting opportunities, and harvest success rates averaging near 75% most years! Many big bulls, scoring from 275” to 350” P&Y points, have been taken by our hunters! Wyoming is truly a bow-hunter’s paradise, let the pro’s at RCO show you the archery elk hunt of a lifetime!

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